Are you trying to lose weight yet, not so keen on doing a marathon or even enrolling in any of the CrossFit classes? Maybe you just had a baby and want to lose the excess tummy deposit fast? Of course, by now you must have known the drill in losing weight – eat less, sweat more. But contrary to what many experts advice, it is quite possible to lose weight fast without any special food requirements or expensive workout equipment. To jumpstart your regimen, here are 10 weird ways you can do to help you get rid of the unwanted pounds.

Ways To Lose Weight

10 Weird Ways To Lose Weight Fast

1. The 1-Week Detox

Any slimming down diet plan should start with an effective detox to help cut off cold turkey from the bondage of fat-loaded diet. Choose from a variety of juice cleanses or liquid detox. Dr. Oz and Martha’s Vineyard have some cool tricks to do this. If you can do this on the first week, the next series of weight loss regimen you get into will just be a breeze.

2. Do It Like the Japanese Do?

You have heard about this before. People in Japan drink two to four tall glasses of water just after waking up every morning. Some call it water therapy as it is also known to cure quite a number of diseases such as bronchitis, gastritis, constipation, arthritis, and many more. Start by drinking 2 x 160mL of water then, brush your teeth. Do not drink or eat anything in the next 45 minutes. After every meal do not drink anything for at least two hours. Gradually increase your water intake until it becomes 4 glasses every time you wake up. For better results, drink warm or hot.

3. Get into MasterChef Mode

Steer clear of fast food or take out. Fast food and take out often contain fillers to enhance their flavor. Learn how to cook instead. The time spent grocery shopping plus the effort you put into cooking will help lose those unwanted flab. Even if you are no MasterChef, cooking your own food will give you an idea what is in your food.

4. The Power of the Chopsticks

Using two skinny sticks for eating is an efficient way of controlling your urges. This secret weapon has long been used by Asians. This is the secret to “mindful” eating. Of course, the amount of concentration you put into the whole ordeal will help you control your appetite and the smaller portion is stuffed to your mouth allows you to shed the pounds without you knowing it.

lose weight chopsticks

5. Sniffing Your Way Out

Silly as it may sound but sniffing a cinnamon stick, a banana or an apple does suppress your hunger. Dr. Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation and a throng of volunteers can attest to the fact that by sniffing these foods, they lose an average 30 pounds off their weight. Careful with those allergic rhinitis though.

6. Move It!

You do not have to jog in Central Park and risk getting mugged. No need to enroll in a Pilates class, too. Washing floors, windows, cars, or bathroom tile will help you burn unwanted calories as well as clean your home. For approximately 30 minutes of scrubbing, you can lose as much as 120 calories off your system and, of course, a cleaner, shinier car or floor for that matter.

7. Change Your Mindset

Picture yourself slim. Visualise exactly how this looks, how you feel and how this changes your life. Having a mantra of “I can lose weight!” will be a great help. Losing weight after all is just mind over matter.

8. Restock The Fridge

Get rid of all the easy to access calorie packed snacks and re-stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy altenatives to ensure you’re not tempted anymore!

9. A New Routine

Get a hobby. Take up a sport. Start to exercise. Do this instead of sitting in front of the TV with your favourite bag of chips! Simply changing your daily or evening routine can really help.

10. Pack Your Lunch

Forget that trip to the deli each day. Pack your own lunch and fill the box with healthy options. Your waistline will love it and so will your wallet!