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RandomHealthNet.com All About Us

I inherited a number of health related websites which didn’t fully fit in with my personal mission to provide help and benefit to others in everything I do. Much of the content of these sites very clearly put profit above content and, whilst we all want to make some money, that’s not what I’m all about. I want to add value in everything I do. I’m not into false advertising claims, I’m not into hard sells, I’m not into annoying pop-ups, I’m not into mailing lists and email bombardment. I want you to visit my sites because you want to, I want you to enjoy what you read and, most of all, I want you to gain benefit.

I therefore set about removing the sites tha I wasn’t happy with but realised that some of the content was actually quite good and pretty interesting. That got me thinking … why not set up a single site to publish all the interesting bits of these different websites. As the content was pretty random I named this site RandomHealthNet.com and here we are!

RandomHealthNet.com – About Us & Our History

The site, RandomHealthNet.com, launched in 2020 for this sole purpose however, it was suggested that I open it up to everyone and allow posts from budding / established authors. With it being “random” I could open it up to any health related topic at all and really begin to develop a vast resource.

After careful thought that’s what I’ve decided to do. So some of the content is my own and some is from third part authors and contributors with links back to their own websites where appropriate.

I don’t charge to publish these articles – they are completely free as long as the common sense guidelines (some call them rules!) are adhered to.

  • Minimum of at least 600 words (the more the better) in English
  • Any health related topic is fine – keep it legal, legit, ethical, family friendly and non-prejudicial
  • No overt sales pitch – keep the content fresh, new and fun or interesting
  • Maximum 2 links per article + link in Author bio and NO AFFILIATE LINKS

The most important thing to remember is that I want to develop a top quality site that’s fun and interesting to everyone – if an article is submitted that doesn’t meet the standards I’m looking for it won’t be published. And, before you ask, YES … I read everything before I decide to publish or not.

Whilst te emphasis is on quality don’t think that you have to be a highly experienced writer – it the value of the content that’s more important and we are happy to correct a few typos (we make enough ourselves) or correct a little grammar. Top ten lists, how to guides, how to solve a particular problem, alternative, natural or unusual treatments or something funny … these are all pretty easy to write and interesting to read.

Keeping up a high quality in this way is in everyone’s interest – visitors (the absolute number one priority) want to read the content which adds value to the contributors and to the limited number of links we permit within the articles.

How do we make money if it’s free I hear you ask. You will notice ads within the articles and in the sidebars – that’s how make a little. And again, the better the quality, the greater the number of visitors and the more we can potentially make in advertising.

We’re developing our social media accounts so that we can keep in touch with our regular followers but (you may be surprised to hear) we’re not aiming to create an email database as we think there’s more than enough email newsletters and mailshots to go around without us joining in!

We really hope you enjoy what we’re developing – feel free to comment, make suggestions or contact us and feel free to write for us.

Thanks for your visit today.