There has been a lot of research done as of late into the use of hypnotherapy and hypnosis to treat tinnitus. If you’ve not considered it before then we highly recommend you look into the benefits of hypnosis.

Tinnitus can be found in people of all ages and has a variety of causes. It is such a widespread problem that any effective treatments would be life-changing to so many people.

This short article will cover not only how this new treatment works but why it is so much better than some of the alternatives.

Advantages Of Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis To Treat Tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of a ringing sound in someone’s ear. The ringing itself is not dangerous or even necessarily the problem, it is simply a symptom. Tinnitus is often caused by age-related hearing loss. It is a natural phenomenon that affects almost 20% of all people. While tinnitus is not necessarily a problem in this regard, it is just a bi-product of age, it can be very annoying. Anyone with tinnitus will tell you that if they could get rid of it they would. The problem is, not all treatments work for everyone. Some people have tried so many different therapies and medications but have yet to find one that reduces the ringing. If they haven’t tried hypnotherapy, that might be the one for them.

The Difference Between Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the passive state of mind that you would typically associate with a person who is completely in a trance. You may have seen someone hypnotized before as part of a show live or on television and wondered if it was real. Well, interestingly it is possible to genuinely hypnotize someone. This hypnotic state of passiveness and suggestibility that is known as hypnosis is one hundred percent real. Hypnotherapy refers to the treatment itself using the process of hypnosis.

How Does It Work?

Advantages Of Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis To Treat TinnitusThe idea of hypnotherapy is that you can convince someone’s subconscious mind to ignore the ringing sound. You aren’t making these noises go away per se, more that you just teach someone how to tune them out. This is why it is very specifically called a treatment for tinnitus, not a cure. Hypnosis itself is brought on by a state of intense focus and concentration leading to a trance-like state. Someone who is hypnotized is “asleep” almost but still fully aware of what is going on around them. They are incredibly suggestible and are unlikely to question what you tell them to do, say, think, or feel. It is possible to convince a hypnotized person that they are an animal, that they are happy or sad. It’s even possible to convince someone to stop smoking/drinking.

Additionally, it’s possible to convince someone that they cant hear the ringing in their ears from tinnitus. This works because our brain doesn’t truly need all of the input it is given, it chooses which stimuli to ignore and which to think about. A good example is any ambient noises. You are always hearing the ambient noise around you, your brain just chooses not to focus on it unless YOU tell it too. This doesn’t just apply to noise, it can be any of your senses. Another example is your socks on your feet. Do they feel tight? Do they feel warm? Are they fluffy? You have no idea unless you stop to think about it.

Think About It

Just like you are ignoring hundreds of different stimuli subconsciously right this moment, so could you learn to ignore the ringing of tinnitus. If you can be convinced in your hypnotic trance that there is no ringing then you will simply cease to hear it. Additionally, many people who hear the ringing noise from tinnitus have negative emotions tied up in the noise they hear. If they can use hypnotherapy as a way for their therapist to access their subconscious mind they can often have these feelings of negativity resolved. Then the ringing noise will simply just go away. Some times temporarily, some times forever. You will be aware that you have tinnitus, that there should be ringing, yet there isn’t. Conversely, you might not be suggestible enough at all and simply come out of your trance to no change. We fully understand that some people (very much in a minority though) simply cannot even be hypnotized at all.

The Advantages Of Hypnosis To Treat Tinnitus?

Hypnotherapy is arguably far less invasive than taking strong medications to try and drone the sound out. Furthermore, there are not likely to be any side effects from this therapy. As opposed to taking drugs to deal with your symptoms. Most importantly there are very few treatments for people suffering from tinnitus that work for the majority of people. Because it can be such a psychological thing no one drug can fix everyone. Most importantly, ninety percent of people suffering from tinnitus that underwent hypnotherapy with a professional reported a substantial improvement in their condition. This is a staggering success rate for such a widely found problem in people of all ages. As modern medicine improves and people begin to live longer the number of people that suffer from tinnitus is only going to increase. It is important to note that only twenty-five percent of people with tinnitus can hear the ringing noise. Or at least enough that it can bother them.

Will Self-Hypnosis To Treat Tinnitus Work?

You are likely to find far more success with the help of a professional than if you were on your own. Self-hypnosis is nowhere near as successful as its professional counterpart because there is a lack of proper training. The ringing can be tied to negative emotion as mentioned above. If you are alone there is very little you can do to fix that. You may find that you get short term relief from self-hypnosis but for long term relief, it is best to have the help of a professional therapist.

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Advantages Of Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis To Treat Tinnitus

Hypnosis To Treat Tinnitus – Conclusion:

As you can see, hypnotherapy and hypnosis to treat tinnitus is certainly worth considering and researching. The chances of seeing noticeable improvement are around 90% which is far higher than many other forms of treatment. If you book an appointment with a hypnotherapist or try out the highly cost effecting Tinnitus Treatment self hypnosis download you could see life-changing improvement in no time at all.

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