Alternative treatments for tinnitus means curing tinnitus the natural way.

The perception of sound without any actual external source this condition can develop in any individual because of various reasons. There is however no specific treatment that can entirely cure Tinnitus.

The impact of Tinnitus varies from person to person. The diverse symptoms observed in a patient during the different phases makes it difficult for medical specialists to find the most effective cure for this disorder.

However, some complementary and natural remedies have proved highly successful in lowering the effects of Tinnitus among the patients.

Alternative Treatments For Tinnitus

Alternative Treatments For Tinnitus

The top 10 alternative treatments for tinnitus and therapies for mitigating the symptoms are highlighted below.

  1. Acupuncture

This method is widely used to cure a variety of health issues in our bodies. It involves the insertion of needles into the skin at precise points. This Chinese technique has been used for centuries and is known to bring a proper balance in the functioning of our body’s different systems. The method has proved to lower the impact of Tinnitus in many patients. However, the results vary for different patients.

  1. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has helped in alleviating the mental effects of Tinnitus like anxiety, stress, and irritation. It involves altering the state of consciousness to awaken the subconscious mind. Using this therapy the patients are made to feel acquainted with the constant buzz or noise. It helps to train the mind to reduce the impact of Tinnitus. It changes the person’s reaction towards the condition. Hypnotherapy helps to attain relaxation while retaining the regular mental activity of the brain.

  1. Homeopathy

Many patients are seeking realm in the homeopathic medications to lessen the impact of Tinnitus on their bodies. Homeopathic medications like conine, quinine, and salicylate have helped in reducing the adverse effects of Tinnitus to some extent in many cases. Through treatments like homeopathy, a physiological reaction is triggered, which helps in eliminating the distress caused by the tinnitus symptoms.

  1. Aromatherapy

It includes a relaxing combo of massages and essential oils to help the tinnitus patients to relax and lower the effects of the condition. Many therapists use oils like Chamomile, Lavender, Mint, and Rowan for remedying the symptoms. Soothing massages and aromatic baths help the patients to lower their stress and calm their minds. There is a study that suggests that a majority of tinnitus patients have got positive benefits from Aromatherapy, which hardly has any side effects on the body.

  1. Herbal Alternative Treatments For Tinnitus

Many ancient Korean and Chinese medicines are recommended to relieve patients suffering from Tinnitus. Herbal mixtures made from various plants are used for treatment. The inclusion of foods rich in Zinc, Vitamin B12, and Melatonin is also seen as beneficial for the people affected by the problem. The Gingko Biloba extract from the Gingko tree grown in China, in particular, is recommended to better the cognitive functions and reduce vascular problems. It improves blood circulation, which reduces the symptoms of the illness.

  1. Biofeedback And Neurofeedback

Biofeedback helps in establishing a relationship between an individuals mind and body. It helps to understand the impact of emotional and cognitive activities on the physical well-being of the human body.

Neurofeedback leads to electrophysiological modifications in the brain, which lowers symptoms of Tinnitus. It involves Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography to help in repairing cochlear damage.

Reports are suggesting that the combination of these methods has brought improvements to relax adversities of chronic Tinnitus.

  1. Behavioural Therapy

To reduce the impact of Tinnitus, you need to deal with mental and emotional issues. People affected by Tinnitus mainly suffer from Sleeplessness, Depression, Agitation, and stress. There is a cognitive behavioural therapy which aids patients to manage their condition in a better way. Behavioural therapy does not reduce the noise in your ears; rather, it helps you find more acceptance of its existence.

Under this therapy, you need to consult with a counsellor or therapist once or twice a week to develop an appropriate treatment for your mental problems. It allows you to get rid of the negative thoughts and adopt a positive approach. During the therapy, the people realize and explore the connection between their thoughts and their physical symptoms and behaviour. Studies point out that Cognitive Behavioural treatment has proved quite suitable for most tinnitus patients to control their psychological troubles.

  1. Yoga

As we know, various issues are associated with the condition of Tinnitus. Patients tend to suffer from many health issues which vary with the seriousness and frequency of the condition. Yoga is one holistic practice that can assist patients to fight psychological problems and remain physically sound. Effective types of yoga include pranayama, asanas, and yoga Nidra. This is nothing but a combination of breathing techniques, physical postures, and meditation for an overall healthy body. This ancient Indian practice targets attaining inner peace and harmony. Regular practice of yoga supports the working of neuromuscular systems and prevents hormonal imbalance. This ultimately helps in dealing with symptoms of Tinnitus. Yogasana ultimately reduces the stress and mental issues faced by tinnitus patients. It relaxes the muscles and helps in controlling neurological activities.

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

A unique method to help control tinnitus symptoms. This treatment includes a regulated increase in the presence of oxygen pressure in your blood. It helps in curing sudden deafness and Tinnitus by increasing the oxygen levels in the inner ears and brain. There is research that highlights that more than 60 percent of tinnitus patients found Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment beneficial. It can really reduce the symptoms.

  1. Low Power Laser Technique

For promoting healing of the damaged nerves and tissues in the brain, there is a low power laser used with an intensity of less than 1 percent of that of a surgical laser. This method helps in relieving pain and inflammation among the patients. During the laser absorption, protons are released from the mitochondria of the cells. This lowers the permeability of potassium and sodium. The wavelength of the laser beam varies from 40 to 60 mW. This is applied transmissionally for at least 6 to 7 minutes. The low power laser irradiation provides excellent support to aid the treatment for severe Tinnitus.