How to get rid of skin tagsHow to get rid of skin tags. Those annoying pieces of soft, hanging skin that often form where the skin folds or creases are known as skin tags. They are usually only a few mm in size. That’s about the size of a grain of rice. In extremes growth has been up to 5cms. They look not dissimilar to a wart.

Skin tags needn’t represent any cause for concern as they are completely benign. Nor are they contagious in any way and represent no danger to health whatsoever.

Skin tags are simple, harmless growths known medically as acrochordon.

Most of us suffer from the odd one here and there from time to time. In fact nearly half of us will get at least one at some stage in out lives. For some individuals however, the problem is much greater … this very small minority of sufferers can be hit by outbreaks of hundreds of skin tags at any one time.

Skin Tags Explained

Exact cause is unknown. They are believed to caused by skin rubbing against skin. Hence being commonly found in folds of skin. Genetics are also thought to be a contributing factor as is age, weight gain and obesity. They affect both men and women but are more frequently seen in women and are normally more common as we get older.

How to get rid of skin tags

The tags are thought to form when folds of skin rub together (hence the increase in risk following weight gain and the subsequent increase in skin folds). Therefore they tend to affect certain areas of the body such as under the arms, breasts, eyelids, neck, groin or buttocks in particular.

As we said, skin tags are completely harmless flaps of skin that are not dangerous and don’t cause any pain of discomfort in most cases. They are formed from loose collagen fibres (a type of natural protein) and blood vessels which are surrounded by skin. Whilst not usually painful they are, more often than not, unsightly and, depending on where they are, can often affect self-confidence and self-esteem. They can also catch on clothing or jewellery which can cause pain and bleeding when you least expect it.

With regards to treatment and how to get rid of skin tags. Occasionally, if lucky, they will fall off by themselves. Especially if they twist or the blood supply is affected. But, more often than not, you’re stuck with them unless you go for the expensive option of surgical removal via a form of cosmetic surgery. Never try to remove one in this way yourself without seeking medical advice first.

There are now however a number of over the counter products which can help without the need for any form of surgery.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

There are several option … some which work better than others and will be dependent on the number of skin tags that need dealing with.

1: Skin Tag Removal Kit: The device cuts off blood supply to the tag (officially called ligation) meaning that the tag will die and drop off. This usually takes a couple of weeks.

2: Tying: Basically this is a home made version of the above kit using fine string to tie off the blood supply.

3: Freezing: OTC kits uually containing liquid nitrogen which will freeze off skin tags.

4: Cutting: This should ONLY be done by a medical professional and only on the smallest of tags. We repeat … NEVER be tempted to try this yourself at home.

5: Natural Cures: Tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and iodine are all claimed to be effective in killing off skin tags.

6: Skin Tag Removal Cream: There are actually a number of over the counter products that can effectively remove skin tags. We suggest that you check out Lucent Skin Tag Removal Cream. You can read all about it and a Lucent Skin Tag Remover review here >>>

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