How To Grow EyelashesHow to grow eyelashes. The eyes are often the first thing that people notice and, as first impressions count, you want them to be striking and beautiful.

Enhancing your eyelashes is a simple but sure fire way to draw attention to your eyes. It can make them stand out and give you that celebrity look.

We are all born with eyelashes; they develop at embryonic stage and will begin to take shape in an unborn child from around week 22. They are like any other human hair and will follow the same cycle of growth, transition and shedding. The rate of growth being estimated at ¼ inch per month. The top eyelid will usually contain about 200 individual hairs and the lower lid about 100. They may differ in colour from that of the hair to a certain degree, often being slightly lighter.

The real purpose of the eyelash is to protect However, it was the ancient Egyptians way back 3-4000 years BC who invested the first form of mascara to enhance the eyelashes. They wanted to create a frame to draw attention to the eyes which, they believed, were the “windows to the soul”. Nowadays you’ve only got to look at the vast array of false lashes, eyelash extensions, implants, curlers, mascara and eye makeup to realize the importance that most women (and some men) place on the creation of beautiful, long, thick eyelashes and beautiful eyes.

The History Of Beautiful Eyelashes.

As we said, historically it was the Ancient Egyptians believed the eyes to be “the windows to the soul” and, if the eyes are the windows the eyelashes should provide the frame. And a good looking frame will always draw attention to the windows themselves! As a result of this belief, going way back in time to around 3-4,000 years BC, the Egyptians started to blend some unusual ingredients together to enhance the lashes. Ingredients like kohl (sulphide of antimony) honey and crocodile dung. In effect they created the world’s first mascara although in those days it was thought to be used to mask the eyes, ward off evil spirits and protect the soul.

Why Grow Eyelashes?

Makeup lost its appeal as far as Western culture goes and it wasn’t until much later that the Victorians started the revival in the 19th century when the use of cosmetics and daily beauty regimes started in earnest. The eyelashes were seen as an important facial feature and one that should be enhanced. As such the Victorian ladies would spend hours mixing together ingredients such as ash, soot, lampblack and elderberry juice to create a mascara.

This new found demand, coupled with the invention of petroleum jelly, resulted in the birth of the world’s first commercial mascara product. Invention of mascara as we know it is widely credited to a chemist by the name of Eugene Rimmel. Although at roughly the same time, in 1913 a man by the name of T L Williams created an incredibly similar cosmetic for his sister. That sisters name was Maybel. When the product started to be supplied by mail order a new company under the name Maybelline was born!

Modern Eyelash Cosmetics.

How To Grow EyelashesMascara has evolved from those early days to what it is now. From a mixture of petroleum jelly and soot, ash or carbon black, to the different pigmentation’s, dyes, oils and waxes that are used today. Different formulations but same basic principle.

Going a step further: False eyelashes are believed to have been the brain child of film director D W Griffith in 1916. Griffith wove human hair into a small strip of gauze to lengthen the eyelashes of the leading lady in his silent film called “Intolerance – Love’s Struggle Throughout The Ages”. Nowadays false eyelashes have evolved significantly and eyelash extensions are also available. They’re not just available for cosmetic purpose but for medical reasons when a loss of hair has resulted from a medical condition or practice.

False eyelashes, fake eyelashes, mascaras, eye shadows, eyeliners! The list of eye enhancing cosmetics and treatments goes on as our infatuation of beautiful eyes intensifies more and more.

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Eyelashes – The Facts.

Eyelashes start to develop at embryonic stage. They will begin to take shape in an unborn child from around week 22 of pregnancy. In total the top eyelid will be home for up to 200 individual hairs and the bottom around half that number. They may differ in colour from that of the hair to a certain degree. Each hair is made from keratin which is a mixture of protein (97%) and water.

Eyelash Growth.

As with all other hair, the eyelash has a life cycle of up to 200 days with the majority being shed after 4-5 months. Pull one out and it will take 7 or 8 weeks to fully grow back.

Like all human hair the purpose of the eyelash is to protect. It not only keeps away dust particles, pollen and other foreign airborne bodies but also acts to deflect and shield direct sunlight away from the sensitive eyes themselves. And so, apart from looking nice, longer, thicker eyelashes are actually beneficial too. As such, eyelashes should be looked after. In particular, great care should be taken to avoid damage to the actual hair follicles themselves.

How To Grow Eyelashes.

We tend to forget that eyelashes are essentially like any other type of hair of the human body and will grow in exactly the same way. It is estimated that the average eyelashes will grow at a rate of about ¼ of an inch per month.

As with all other hair, eyelash growth occurs in three phases:

Anagen: the active growth phase which lasts for 30-45 days.

Catagen: the intermediate or transition phase where growth stops and the fully grown eyelash “rests” . This phase lasts 2-3 weeks.

Telogen: the shedding phase when the eyelash falls out and is replaced naturally. This phase lasts about 100 days.

It’s important to remember that your eyelashes need the same care and nutrients that your other hair needs. Therefore cleanliness, hydration and the right blend of vitamins and minerals are the important factors that can help you grow your eyelashes. … And that’s where Idol Lash comes in!

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