How to remove hair. Hair removal is something that we’ve been doing since the ancient Egyptians who would remove hair not just as it was fashionable to do so but also as a treatment for louse and flea infestations! Nowadays the practice is still commonplace for various different reasons such as sporting, cultural or religious but, most often, purely cosmetic.

There are two technical names for the process:

1: Epilation: This is the removal of the visible part of the hair that sits above the surface of the skin. Typically this means shaving, trimming or cutting the hair. There are also chemical depilatories which can do the same thing.

2: Depilation: On the other hand Depilation is the removal of the entire hair – including the bulb (or root) that sits below the surface. Typically this means plucking, waxing, sugaring, mechanical epilation, threading, lasers, electrolisis or depilatory creams.

Unwanted hair is particularly common on the upper lip, face, back, legs, hands, feet, or the more private areas such as nipples and the bikini line.

How To Remove Hair

How To Remove Hair

There are a number of easy and common ways to temporarily remove these hairs, such as:

Plucking – ouch! Effective but time consuming and only an option if the issue is confined to a few hairs only.

Shaving – but this can irritate, cause cuts or leave red, sore patches. It’s often not an option in those hard to reach areas.

Waxing – effective but can be messy, painful and may not remove all the hairs.

Sugaring – similar to waxing but uses a sugar paste instead of wax.

Laser Hair Removal – destroys the hairs with laser light. Effective and long lasting (not permanent) but time consuming and expensive.

Electrolysis – the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal. It removes one hair at a time so is costly and time consuming (and a little painful) but permanent.

With hair growing that little bit everyday though it can be a never ending battle to keep those hairs at bay. That’s why we think that hair removal creams (or depilatory creams as they’re also known) can tick all the boxes – sure, it’s not an instant fix but, find the right cream and use as directed can produce impressive results and used regularly can keep those hairs at bay.

Imagine – a smooth, hair free skin without ever having to wax, shave, pluck or spend lots of money ever again … that’s why you should at least think about using a cream. Better still they can be used all over the body, even those delicate or hard to reach areas.

How To Remove Hair With Hair Removal Cream

How To Remove HairQuite simply depilatories hair removal creams work by breaking down the protein structure of the hair so that it slides out of the skins follicles effortlessly when you wipe away the cream. Rub on, wipe off and the hairs sort of dissolve and come out from below the surface of the skin, sometimes complete with root.

A really quick, painless and discrete solution and one that only needs repeating between once a week and once a month depending on the individual.

Sometimes there’s a bit of a smell to the creams but that washes away as the cream is rinsed and sometimes you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation as they work but that’s about all. If you try a cream and it causes any sort of pain or burns – rinse away and stop using it. It’s either that your skin is too sensitive or the product has been left on too long.

Choosing The Right Hair Removal Cream

How To Remove HairThere are many depilatory creams on the market today so choosing one can be difficult. We suggest you go for one that’s:

  • Designed for both women and men.
  • Rids unwanted hair quickly – preferably acting instantly in just a few seconds.
  • Works on all main problem areas such as upper lips, armpits, back, knees, eyebrows, and legs.
  • Also works on any other part of the body – even hard to reach, embarrassing or sensitive areas.
  • Completely safe to use with no risk.
  • Easy self application – no embarrassment.
  • Erases unwanted hair without any pain.
  • Works without any irritation.
  • Dermatologically tested and proven to work.

Of course, nothing’s guaranteed to work for everyone, it will depend a lot on your skin type and the sort of hair you have – you may need to test a couple out before you get one that really works well for you.

Recommended Hair Removal Creams

There’s a vast choice out there but don’t forget that sometimes cheap doesn’t mean cost effective and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best! Check out Lucent Skin Hair Removal Cream – you can find out more and read the Lucent Skin Hair Removal Cream review here >>>.

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