Introduction To Anatomy And PhysiologyIntroduction To Anatomy And Physiology: In this article we provide an introduction to anatomy and physiology, explaining the ins and outs of each subject and the differences between them.

Introduction To Anatomy

This refers to a unit of study that deals with the study of human body parts and relationship to other body organs. Essentially, anatomy is mainly classified in a number of areas. Let’s have a look at some of them;

Histological Anatomy: Deals mainly with the study of the functioning of body tissues. On the other hand, histology refers to the study of structures (which can only be seen with the help of microscopes) and the functioning of tissues.
Gross Anatomy-Unlike the histological anatomy, gross anatomy is the study of structures which can be seen with solid eye.Meaning, you don’t require a microscope to see them.

Cellular Anatomy: Study of the structure of body cells and the functioning of their consequent organelles. Cellular anatomy is part of cytology which deals with the study of the structure, functions, life-cycles, pathology and the history of body cells.

Microscopic Anatomy: Study of cell structure with the help of a scientific microscope.

Developmental Anatomy: Deals with the study of the stage by stage development of the embryo right at the beginning of the interaction between a sperm and an ovum.

Systemic Anatomy: Study of the structure of the different systems of the body.

Introduction To Physiology

Is the study of the functioning of body parts.Physiology, however, has been researched upon over the years and a lot of facts added.However, we are going to have an introduction, complimentary and take a look at the essentials of physiology.

However, it is important for readers to understand that most words in physiology and anatomy initiated from Greeks since they were the first ones to explore most of biological studies.Hence, learning a number of physiology tips will help you understand the topic better.

Physiology refers to the study of the functioning of body parts as well as the body itself. Similar to anatomy, physiology is divided into a number of classes.

1. Systemic Physiology

A branch of physiology that deals with the study of the functioning of body systems like the digestive, nervous system, endocrine system,integumentary system, the reproductive system, lymphatic system among many others.

2. Cell Physiology

Cell physiology refers to the study of the structure as well as the functioning of the cell unit. Similar to the cellular anatomy, cell physiology is a branch of cytology.

3. Pathology

Pathology is another unit of study featured among the top branches of physiology that deals with the study of body diseases as well as disordered body functions.

However, it has another field called the organ or special physiology that centers the study of specific body organs.

Complementarities in Body Anatomy and Physiology

The physiology (also called functioning) as well as the anatomy (also called structure) of the body has a number of complementarities. It simply refers to the interrelationships between the functioning and structure of the body and its organs.

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology 

For this reason it is important to understand the basic concepts featured in the introduction of anatomy and physiology so as to acquired basic knowledge ideal for deep studies about the two fields.Consequently, this has seen the need for biological scientists to classify the body in a number of levels so as to ease the work load of learning as well as to enhance further specialized research on specific areas. The levels include; chemical, tissue, cellular, organ, organism and organ system levels. For more info about the topic, visit the Human Anatomy & Physiology Course 

Mastering Anatomy And Physiology

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