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Submit your health related article for FREE! Great News! If you have a health related website or blog or if you simply want to showcase your writing skills then you are now able to post an article on our website … for FREE!

Submit Your Health Related Article For FREE – The Ground Rules

We like common sense rather than a full set of formal rules. The main guideline to follow is to remember that we are a 100% human edited site. When you write a post we read it, check it and test the links before we consider publishing it. We want new, interesting, entertaining content so that we can build a quality, highly rated site. In return this will value the links back to your website and help your own SEO efforts … a win win! What’s more, you can submit as many articles on as many topics as you wish.

Here’s the deal – you can write about anything health related and if it doesn’t fit one of our current categories we’ll create one for you. When we say anything we mean anything health related as long as it’s family friendly, non-prejudicial, legal, legit and ethical.

Content should be at least 600 words as a minimum – there’s no maximum. It needs to be well written in English – the odd typo here and there will be sorted but it should read well. It needs to be new, fresh content never before read on the web of course and if you think that means grabbing an existing article and thinly spinning it then forget it, that’s not the deal!

Give it a catchy title and make it interesting. Don’t just write a sales pitch of how brilliant your website is – write about something interesting and related and link readers to your site. The more interesting, random, entertaining, educational or fun the more readers you’ll get and the quicker you’ll build your brand reputation. There’s no particular format to follow – it could be a “how to” article, a top ten list, solving a problem, introduction to a product or technique, a humerous post or a did you know list of strange facts for example … just let your creative juices flow!

Add an image or two (if not we will add stock images). Keep the images relevent and, of course, make sure you have permission to post them.

Your Links

You can add links as long as you follow the guidelines. No more than 2 links per article plus a link in the Author Bio. These links must direct to your website, blog or social media account – we do not accept affiliate links.

The Cost

Apart from your time writing the article it’s going to cost you absolutely nothing … no cost, no catch.

Get Started – Submit Your Health Related Article For FREE

It’s very simple – we’ve created a front end publishing form which will enable you to write (or copy and paste) in the way that you would for your own website. You can add the images, the links and your own author bio in exactly the way you would normally. Then simply complete the capcha and hit the submit button.

It will not be published right away – it will go into pending until we’ve read and reviewed. If it’s all OK we’ll assign it to a current category (or create a new one) and publish. We will then try to notify you that it’s live.

Start Writing

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