The 3 Week Diet Plan ReviewThe 3 Week Diet Plan Review: The 3 Week Diet Plan For Weigh Loss is a scientifically tested, completely safe and natural  weight loss method.

It was devised by the experienced nutritionist and health coach Brian Flatt. It works by actually training your body to lose weight naturally and without the use of anything unhealthy like weight loss supplements etc.

Our 3 week diet plan review will comprehensively explain the concept behind the plan and how it’s designed to work. If, after reading, you want to know a bit more about this plan before you actually try it out then there is detailed information about it right here.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review

The plan itself is a four phase, 21 day weight loss program. Let’s explain the principle behond it on a stage by stage basis. It’s described as a “foolproof, science-based diet that’s 100% guaranteed to melt away 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days”.

In this review we’ll explain just how it’s designed to work.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review

Day 1 To Day 7 – Stage 1: Liver Detox

The liver acts like a filter in the body. Everything you eat or drink has to be digested, and the liver does this job. As a result it plays a big role in the metabolism and its speed. As you must already know, the metabolic rate is what determines how much fat and how many calories your body burns in a day. The faster the metabolism, the more calories are burnt.

But as the liver continues to filter all that you drink or eat, it starts to accumulate toxins and fat. And these compromise its filtering abilities. The result is that your liver function decreases, metabolic rate slows down and your body starts to retain more fat. But what a liver detox does is clear out the toxins and fats accumulated in the liver. The result is that the liver function greatly improves and it is able to filter out more of the fat and toxins you consume.

And as anyone who’s attempted a liver detox will tell you, it usually produces very fast weight loss results, and it’s like your metabolism gets a new lease of life!

What foods can help to kick start your liver detox?

Since the liver is the ‘fat-pumping’ organ in the body, cleansing it means that in the 1 week long cleanse most people lose anywhere between 10-15 pounds! The aim of the phase is basically to flush out toxins and accumulated fats from the liver. But even as you do these, the process also improves adrenal function and insulin sensitivity – which together aid your weight loss efforts.

As for what you should be eating at this stage, the diet usually consists of vegetables and certain low fat proteins. You should aim to get a certain amount of vitamins A, C and D in your diet at this stage. As for what foods you can eat – they will differ from diet to diet. And this one by Brian Flatt allows 17 vegetables and 6 specific protein sources. As with all phases of the 3 Week Diet Plan, the efficacy of this combination of foods has also been scientifically tested for success. And you can be certain that you will also notice surprisingly quick results at this stage.

However, even as an occasional liver detox is very good for your body and liver, the diet isn’t one that you should continue for more than one or two weeks at the most. This is why, after 7 days we move on to the second stage.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review


Day 8 – Stage 2: Give Your Digestive System A Break

Day 8 is going to give your digestive system a break. And the easiest way to achieve it is through fasting. However, prolonged fasts will not help you lose too much weight. As a result, the 3 week diet plan advocates just a 24 hour fast. You have your dinner on the 7th day of the diet. And then you go without food for 24 hours – up until dinner on the 8th day. So no, you don’t actually go from sleep to sleep without any food – you are allowed a dinner. And this is dinner has relatively few limitations.

However, if this is your first time fasting there are a few things you must keep in mind.

What are some of the things to keep in mind about the fast?

Your body is normally used to getting food on a regular basis and digesting it for energy. But in the absence of this ready source of nutrition, you are quite likely to start feeling a little unwell. Most people will experience symptoms like:

  • Weakness
  • Sluggishness
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Nausea

These are most common in people who are trying it for the first time. And as a result, it is best to take this one day easy. Rest and lie down if you feel any of the above. And in case you feel strong hunger pangs (these are also common) – just drink some water to dilute the stomach enzymes.

What are the benefits of the 24 hour fast?

There are a number of benefits of this 24 hours fast that follows on the heels of the liver detox. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, it gives your digestive system a much needed break. And in doing so, it kick starts a detoxification in the body, similar to the liver detox of the preceding 7 days. In fact, this 8th day also helps to detox the liver further.

Since your body is having to do without food for 24 hours, this also starts your body burning fat even more effectively. And as you can probably tell – that is exactly what you want to do when you are trying to safely lose weight within a short period of time.

There are a few things about the 24 hour fast that you need to know the details about before you can start – what you can have, how to deal with the symptoms and what you should eat to break the fast. Day 8 is an essential step before moving on to the third stage.

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Day 9 To Day 11 – Stage 3: The Fat Fast

The name would suggest that you actually get ‘fat fast’! But the truth is just the opposite. In fact, the name is possibly a shortened version of the phase ‘lose fat fast’. Now being the third phase of the 3 week diet plan, you will obviously continue to lose weight through these 3 days as well. Now let’s see what this phase involves. Like any regular fat fast, this diet too will have you consuming meals where 80% of the total calories come from fats – albeit good fats (not trans fats!)

While you have been led to believe that fats are actually bad for you – this phase is on the contrary very good for your liver and it is one of the phases that are slowly going to consolidate the weight loss trend for you. Also, most practitioners lose weight rapidly in the first phase and also lose some in the second, but chances are that not much of the weight is from the hip and belly regions. But when you reach the fat fast stage – the fat starts to ‘melt’ from around your middle!

What actually happens in a fat fast?

Now, you’ve learnt what you will be eating, and what results to expect. But exactly what goes on in your body at this stage? Here’s a brief explanation:

Your body has been somewhat fat deprived for the last 8 days because you have not been consuming much of it. And that means your body has had to burn whatever it could find for energy. Now when you reach this phase, having more calories will just make your body burn that, after all, calories are easier to burn for energy.

But when you cut back on carbs and increase your fat intake, you enter into a ketogenic diet phase. Your body, particularly your liver starts to now realize that carbs are not in abundance anymore. And energy production is necessary. In this situation it would normally start to burn muscle, but the large amount of fat you are consuming signals that it needs to start burning fat from now on.

What is the aim of a fat fast at this stage?

Now you may be asking, why is this phase even necessary? As we mentioned earlier – you have been depriving your body of both carbs and fats – both the body’s sources of energy. In their absence, the body may have started burning stored up fat, but it could also just as well start to burn your muscles – which is actually very harmful in the long run.

The high fat diet for these 3 days tells your body that from now on, it has to continue to burn mainly fats – from your body’s stores and from the food you eat. Another purpose that it serves is that in these 3 days you are actually training your body to do that. Which means that in the future too, when you eat, whatever you eat – your body will metabolize the fats in it very efficiently, instead of accumulating them, especially around your middle.

Overall, in the 3 week diet plan: day 9 to day 11 are important days for training your body. After all, any weight loss diet to be really good and healthy must be able to plan for the future as well and make your metabolism more efficient in the long run. The scientific method of the 3 week diet ensures that you don’t just lose weight in 21 days – but you also gain a much more healthy body – in just 3 weeks!

Now we’re ready to move to the final phase.

Day 12 To Day 21 – Stage 4: The Last Phase

The last phase lasts for 9 days but this phase differs significantly from the first 3 phases. Through the previous phases, you have achieved a few necessary goals:

  • You have taught your body to burn fat more readily for energy.
  • You have detoxified your liver and digestive system, and
  • You have trained your body to never reach for muscles to burn as a ready source of energy.

These 3 achievements serve two main purposes – they make this last phase a lot more useful than it would otherwise be – and they train your body to maintain a healthy weight in the future.

So what does this last phase entail? Here you will be working out your BMR and then tailoring your meals to suit this. Calculating your unique BMR is part 1 of this phase. Thereafter you will have to learn to create meals that are based on your BMR and aimed to bring you down to your desired weight in the number of days left. This brings us to the next question…

What is BMR?

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. There is no point in calculating that now – for anything other than to measure the rate of success. This is because all the 3 preceding stages of this diet are aimed at speeding up this rate.

Now to explain the term. You know that for every activity you carry out – be it even raising your hand – you need to expend energy. So everything a human being does will increase the amount of energy their body needs. But when the body is at rest, it still needs a basic amount of energy. And this is not for ‘activity’, but rather for all the bodily functions, including the operation of the organs that make up the body. The Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR refers to the rate of this minimum energy expenditure.

It calculates how much energy your body is latently burning – in the absence of any outwardly activity – in Kilo-calorie per day.

So – for this last phase you will need to know how to calculate these figures … and this diet will help you do that perfectly!

Another thing to note – since our 3 Week Diet Plan Review has already taken you through the first 3 phases you’ll understand how your body has learnt to adapt and will actually sail through this phase with ease! You should not experience any hunger pangs, cravings, uneasiness or any other discomfort during this phase.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review – Conclusion

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review – so, now you know how it’s supposed to work. To be honest the results can be pretty impressive and the claims are not unrealistic. You’ll need to be pretty organised and disciplined though. We believe it’s worth checking out – you can find out more at the official 3 week diet plan website.

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