If only there was a miracle cure for acne that’s guaranteed to work instantly and permanently without any side effects … but there isn’t! There are however things that you can do and things that you should stop doing, that will help and also lots of different natural potions and concoctions that are claimed to work.

This article is designed to give you some tips for natural acne treatment at home and great ideas to try out when looking for a way to get rid of acne or, at least bring it under control. We’re not saying they will all work for you but they’re all completely natural so try them out for yourself and please let us know how you get on.

The very basic explanation of acne is that it occurs when a hair follicle in the skin gets blocked for various reasons.

Tips For Natural Acne Treatment At Home

This then causes a problem because the hair follicles produce oil (sebum) but of course when everything is blocked it is unable to drain away like it normally does. When this happens it encourages bacteria to start growing. This, in turn, leads to the development of acne.

Tips For Natural Acne Treatment At Home

  1. Sleep: To help keep your acne under control, make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night. Getting lots of sleep is good for your skin, as it allows it to heal. It is also great for your general health, which will, in turn, mean your body is under less stress, which can also improve your skin.
  2. Exercise: Whether you exercise at the gym, home, at school, or participate in sports, remember to shower after breaking an intense sweat. While sweat is good for clearing out your pores, it’s not good when it remains on your skin to fester and soak back in. Take a shower to wash off any remaining dirt, skin flakes, and bacteria to avoid acne.
  3. Hydration: One way to control acne that many people forget about does not involve what’s on the outside, but rather what’s on the inside. Water, which makes up 60% of the human body, is important for skin care. Drinking in at least 2 litres or (8) 8 oz. glasses keeps the skin hydrated, allowing dead skin to shed away normally and preventing blocked pores.
  4. Energy Drinks: Although energy drinks are very efficient to provide you with the extra kick that you need for your work day, they can contribute to acne. These drinks are filled with a plethora of sugar and caffeine, which can expedite the formation of acne and cause new pimples to form. Limit your energy drink intake to improve your skin.
  5. Caffeine: If you’re concerned about your acne and wanting to minimize it and prevent future outbreaks, make sure you watch the amount of caffeine you’re consuming, and cut back if necessary. Caffeine, found in things like chocolate and coffee, can cause stress and so aggravate acne, therefore reducing it is key to good skin care success.
  6. Chocolate: Sorry – before you reach for the chocolate bar chocolate can impact your acne in a large way … but negatively as it made up of dairy and contains a lot of sugar, two ingredients that cause acne in bunches. If you see that the chocolate that you are eating is having an impact on when your acne forms, reduce your intake immediately.
  7. Dairy Products: If you are struggling with acne, try cutting back on dairy food like cheese and milk. Certain studies show a link between the consumption of dairy and acne breakouts. The hormones in dairy, especially milk, may be responsible for increased production in the oil glands. Give it a try, and you may see clearer skin!
  8. Tips For Natural Acne Treatment At HomeVegetables: If you suffer from acne breakouts, you may want to make a few changes to your diet in order to ensure that you are getting enough of the vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy skin. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc are all critically important if you want your skin to look its best. To get the most benefits from these vitamins, get them in their natural form from vegetables instead of taking pills.
  9. Fruits: One wonderful, delicious way to get rid of acne is to substitute more fruit into your diet. This proven method can really help. You can make smoothies for breakfast or lunch or just mix in some strawberries into your salad to make a fantastic dinner.
  10. Strawberries: Try using strawberries to combat your acne outbreaks. Some people have some success using facial masks to prevent or even get rid of acne. Try making strawberries into a face mask. Puree and mix them with a bit of sour cream. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Repeat the process weekly.
  11. Cucumber: An important tip to consider when concerning acne is to try using cucumber slices over any areas that require treatment. This is a simple an effective way of clearing your skin without any harsh chemical treatment. A positive side effect is that cucumber is known to assist with bags under your eyes.
  12. Tomato: Try using a tomato mask. This is a great natural remedy that most people forget about. You can use the pulp of a tomato that is mashed up. Put it on your face like you would any other mask. Since it can cause dry skin, you shouldn’t leave it on for more than 30 minutes.
  13. Tips For Natural Acne Treatment At HomeAloe Vera: A great, cooling way to get rid of pimples is by putting aloe vera juice directly over the pimple. It is a natural acne treatment at home that can be taken directly from the aloe plant or purchased in any drug store. It will cool your skin as it reduces redness and clears your face.
  14. Baking Soda: A simple and relatively inexpensive home treatment for acne can be found in baking soda. Baking soda acts as a natural exfoliant by helping to remove dead skin cells. It also cleans and unclogs pores. To use, simply create a paste by combining a little water and baking soda, and wash away after 15 minutes. To get rid of a noticeable zit faster, you can apply baking soda or toothpaste containing baking soda on it. Leave this paste overnight on your skin: it might burn at first but it will help your zit develop faster. Make sure you thoroughly clean your skin the next day.
  15. Tea Tree Oil: Try using Tea Tree oil on a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply it to your pimples. The oil is said to kill the bacteria that cause the acne pimples and will clear-up the blemishes quite quickly. It is a great natural treatment for acne and works on any kind of blemishes that you may have.
  16. Bentonite Clay: Use the natural mineral Bentonite Clay as a natural acne treatment at home to help get rid of your acne quickly. This mineral helps your skin look better by balancing the amount of oil that you have. Take two tablespoons of Bentonite Clay and combine it with cold water to make a mud-like paste. Put it all over your face or affected area and give it time to harden. Leave for 20 minutes or so and gently rinse it off when you are finished.
  17. Witch Hazel: For an inexpensive, natural acne treatment at home check out what witch hazel can do for you! It contains antioxidant and astringent properties that are effective against acne. Used as an astringent, it is gentle and does not dry out the skin as many other acne medications do.
  18. Basil: Make a natural toner using basil and purified water. Purify your water using a pitcher style purifying system. Boil 2 cups of water and remove from heat. Add three teaspoons of chopped basil or several leaves of fresh, whole basil. Allow it to steep until the water has cooled. Strain the basil out of the water and store the water in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Use as a refreshing, natural toner after cleansing your face.
  19. Eggs: Egg whites provide a great natural acne treatment. Simply break an egg or two and separate the whites from the yolks. Lightly beat the whites until bubbles start forming. Apply the egg whites lightly to the skin as a mask or strictly to affected areas and let sit for about an hour, then rinse afterwards. The egg whites tighten skin and dries existing acne.
  20. Honey: To help reduce or get rid of acne, apply a honey mask to your face once or twice weekly. Honey contains antibacterial components that help to heal and disinfect blemishes. The best parts of a honey mask is that it is cheap to make and is good for people of all skin types.
  21. Lemon And Honey: Try blending lemon juice into the honey as a natural acne treatment at home and apply it on the affected areas of your face as above.
  22. Tips For Natural Acne Treatment At HomeApple Cider Vinegar: If you like natural cures, consider apple cider vinegar. Many acne sufferers swear by this technique. Make a toner out of the common kitchen ingredient, by mixing one half cider and one half water. Apply it to your face after your normal cleansing routine. As with any acid (which is what vinegar is) start with less and work your way up to more, so as not to dry out your skin. Use a cotton ball to rub apple cider vinegar into acne trouble spots to help fight infection. All types of vinegar are useful for balancing the pH of human skin, which contributes to its overall health. A good pH balance also aids skin’s resistance to acne infection. Apple cider vinegar is particularly good acne treatment because it is all-natural and non-irritating.
  23. Olive Oil And Milk: You can prepare a mixture of the two ingredients in a proportion of 1 part olive oil to 2 parts milk. Apply to the face or acne affected area and leave to dry. Once it has completely dried and been on for around 20 minutes or so gently rinse off with clean water at pat dry.
  24. Garlic: Some claim the bacteria that causes acne can be treated by an application of fresh garlic. Whilst you can try rubbing garlic gently onto any type of acne you should avoid sensitive areas as it will sting! Allow the garlic to sit on your face for a few minutes, then rinse off and pat dry.
  25. Ice: Whilst not a remedy that offers permanent solution to acne, it is claimed that it can help to temporarily diminish the appearance. Before you go off to bed, take some ice or a bag of frozen products such as peas and press it gently against the acne affected areas of your face and hold it there for about half an hour.
  26. OTC Treatments: There are many over the counter acne treatments available. One to check out is Lucent Skin Acnezine which tackles acne in two ways – from the outside in and from the inside out! It can prove extremely effective. You can check out the product and the Acnezine Review here >>>.

Final Words

We hope you found this article on tips for natural acne treatment at home of interest and perhaps even a natural treatment for acne at home that works for you. We’d be interested to hear what works and what doesn’t and also any more tips that you have and would like to share with others – simply add a comment below.

Good luck with your fight against acne.